Passion for Knowledge

Reading and exchanging ideas have been sources of discovery and growth for me throughout my life.

I am especially fascinated by the methods with which knowledge is communicated. Why do we favour this intellectual meal and avoid that one? Why are we disappointed by one mental menu and why does another one taste so well? What keeps memories of special mental food alive?

The preparation of knowledge, so that it works for us, makes all the difference. Plus, we enjoy a feast for our eyes as well. Creative usage of knowledge and working with it is my professional and private passion.

I combine logic with imagination, based on EinsteinÔÇÖs quote: „Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.“

Working with Knowledge

I have an engineering degree in printing technology. I am an expert for deriving value from knowledge. My work experience encompasses national and international firms/organizations (e.g. Ernst & Young Germany, EUROCONTROL, UN-affiliated European Centre for European Policy and Research Vienna, Lauder Business School).

My expertise includes didactic reduction, visual communication, knowledge management/transfer, know-how in publishing, research and education.

I give trainings and workshops, work with clients for their projects, write publications and teach at Universities. I work in Austria, Germany and beyond in both German and English language.

My English articles in Medium.

Do you have goals and want to achieve them?
Do you want to apply your knowledge more efficiently? And thus create added value?

I will help you gain the skills listed below to achieve your goals,┬áalways in a fitting combination of strategies and formats. Work with me and youÔÇÖll profit from my expertise both on the micro and macro level of knowledge.

Didactic Reduction

Filter and simplify

You acquire strategies and methods to analyze complex knowledge structures and filter relevance effectively. In doing so the receivers of your visual communication or knowledge transfer can get an overview of the knowledge. In addition you will be able to reduce the complexity of the knowledge in a target- and goal-oriented way, which will enable the recipients to understand it.

Those who reduce didactically, act as responsible mediators between knowledge and knowledge recipients, especially in times of digital ÔÇťInformation OverloadÔÇŁ.

Workshop, Further Education, Lecture, Publication.

Visual Communication of
Data and Complex Knowledge

To be seen, understood and remembered

You will learn to communicate statistics and expert knowledge strategically through visualization. This will enable you to be understood by non-experts, experts and decision makers.

Innovative and easy to use visualizing formats will give you a wide range of communication options: prepared or spontaneous, with or without software.

You will set up an expansionable best practice-collection, which will facilitate your inspiration to develop interesting visualizations.

Coaching/Consulting for Projects, Workshop, Further Education, Lecture, Publication.

Transfer of Knowledge

Learning from each other and easily applying the knowledge

You will learn strategic methods and formats for the transfer of knowledge:

  • in business events – small and large,
  • in order to systematically learn during daily work,
  • to hand over knowledge in times of change and when staff leaves and arrives.

You will acquire the basic, necessary know-how for successful knowledge management and for preparing knowledge for transfer.

Coaching (including for conferences and congresses with knowledge transfer goals)/Consulting for Projects, Workshop, Further Education, Lecture, Publication.